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Kingdom Vapor Wholesale

Kingdom Vapor Wholesale supplies the hottest vaping products on the market including E Cigarette, Mods, E-Liquid and other vape supplies. We are an American wholesaler with fast ship times, Low pricing and no MOQ.

The Convenience Of Refillable Pod Systems

For years, pre-filled vape pod systems like the JUUL dominated the modern vape market. This is because these systems made it easier for users to enjoy their vapor without having to perform the regular maintenance that comes with using traditional vape atomizers. Sadly, recent legislation has banned the sale of flavored pre-filled pods. For vapers who still want the convenience of a pod vape and the taste of flavored e-liquids, Refillable Pod Systems are the perfect alternative.


Ever since the sale of pre-filled vape pods was banned in the US, fans of these systems have been left with two options, either vape the legal tobacco/menthol pods or find another option. Many vapers have turned to using flavored disposable devices, but refillable pod systems offer more flavor options and a superior long term savings. These systems feature refillable pods so users can enjoy any nicotine salt e-liquid flavor on the market.



Nicotine salt e-liquid is the key to how these systems are so compact. Traditional vapes burn through more e-liquid per hit and produce large clouds of vapor. This means they can use smaller amounts of freebase nicotine. Because pod vapers are taking smaller hits, the e-liquid has to be more concentrated. At higher concentrations, freebase nicotine can become extremely harsh. By converting nicotine to its salt form, you can vape comfortably at higher nicotine concentrations. This makes it easy to get a satisfying hit without having to produce a huge cloud of vapor.


The pods used in refillable systems retain the compact design of pre-filled pods, but most hold more than the small 0.7 milliliter capacity of a JUUL pod. You have to take a moment to refill your own pods, but you gain the advantage of being able to prepare multiple pods that you can switch out in seconds. Popular pod based vapes like the Suorin Drop and the SMOK Nord both hold several milliliters of nic salt eliquid so you can vape all day long on every pod.


Some refillable pod systems like the SMOK Nord even feature pods with replaceable coils. This means you can continue to fill and use the same pods, replacing the coils as needed. For systems without replaceable pods, you will have to dispose of your pods once the internal coil begins to burn out. These disposable pod based systems are often far more compact, making them the superior option for vapers who value pocketability.


If you are looking for refillable pod systems to offer in your vape shop, you can find many of the most popular models when you visit www.kingdomvapor.com. If you are shopping for yourself, you can also visit shop.kingdomvapor.com. They carry dozens of quality pod vape systems and a huge selection of eliquids to fill them with. If you have any questions about the products they offer, you can reach a member of the Kingdom Vapor team by calling 1(814)297-8240 or sending an email to info@kingdomvapor.com.

Need Cartridge Battery Pens? Visit Kingdom Vapor

The vape industry covers more than just e-liquid vaping. CBD is becoming a popular option for vapers trying to experience a little stress relief. These hemp-based products are often found in the form of prefilled oil cartridges. In order to be vaped, these cartridges need to be attached to a Cartridge Battery Pen. Here at Kingdom vapor, we offer a selection of prefilled CBD cartridges and batteries so you can offer these popular products in your vape shop.



These cartridges contain an atomizer similar to those used in conventional vapes. These atomizers are specially designed to vaporize oil concentrates, which are thicker than vape e-liquids. Most of these cartridges are designed to be disposable because refilling with the viscous oil is a challenging process. We carry flavored CBD oil cartridges from Funky Farms containing 350 mg of CBD as well as naturally flavored cartridges from Koi Naturals that can be purchased at 250 mg or 500mg concentrations. Both of these options are designed to fit a standard cartridge battery pen.


Luckily, most of these cartridges are designed to fit a standard 510 threaded connector. This is a pretty standard connector for vapes, so you should be able to use these cartridges on more pen-style battery vapes. About 90% of the batteries on the market will fit your oil cartridge, but this does not necessarily mean that the battery will be a good fit. Some batteries may actually be too powerful for your cartridge, which can burn the wicks in the cartridge and ruin the whole thing.


A cartridge battery pen typically has a voltage rating of around 3.3 volts to nearly 5 volts. Most oil cartridges are going to operate best around the lower end of the spectrum. While this is often true, there are some cartridges that use a ceramic or wickless atomizers that will require a higher voltage. When in doubt, it is always best to start using a battery with a lower voltage and swap the battery if not enough vapor is being produced. Many vapers will also be curious about the mAh rating of the battery. This number will not affect the vapor, but a high mAh(milliampere-hours) equates to a longer lifespan for the battery. As long as your battery has a rating of at least 300 mAh, you should be able to enjoy your cartridge all day.


If you have customers interested in trying these oil cartridges, we have plenty of cartridges and pen batteries for your shop. Because we don’t require minimum order quantities, you can try a few of these products before you place a bulk order. No matter what products you order, you can rest assured that everything we offer has been tested by a member of our staff. If we ever encounter a product we wouldn’t use ourselves, we refuse to offer it to our customers. If you have any questions about oil cartridges or cartridge battery pens, you can reach out to our team at 1-814-297-8240 or info@kingdomvapor.com.

Find An Oil Cartridge Battery At Kingdom Vapor

Cartridge vapes are a popular option for anyone who enjoys vaping oil concentrates. As CBD becomes more popular in vape shops across the country, vapers are turning back to the classic vape pen designs to discreetly power their cartridges. If you need an Oil Cartridge Battery to vaporize your prefilled concentrates, there are plenty of options on the market that will work perfectly with your cartridges of choice.



These cartridges typically feature a standard 510 connector that should fit most pen-style vape batteries. These batteries are the perfect option for anyone looking for a discreet and portable power source for their cartridges. Most of their batteries operate between 3.3 and 5 volts, with some models featuring multiple power output options. This allows users to dial in the perfect temperature for their oil cartridges.


Here at Kingdom Vapor, we carry a wide selection of oil cartridge batteries. Different batteries will obviously have different capacities and features, so it’s important to find a battery that suits your needs. To give you an idea of our

pen style battery inventory, let’s take a look at some of our best selling battery options.

  • eGo 1100mAh Battery - These batteries feature a classic design and a single fire button that makes using these batteries with our favorite cartridges simple. The 650 and 900 mAh versions of this model are also popular
  • Mythology Hermes 510 Battery - These 320 mAh batteries offer users a little extra control with 5 different heat settings. You can also use the preheat function to gently warm our cartridge for flavorful hits.
  • eGo 1300mAh Twist Battery - Another eGo battery, but this one has a higher mAh capacity for longer times between recharging. The “twist” on these classic batteries comes from their variable voltage feature, allowing the user to dial in the perfect output.
  • Vertex Manual Battery - This battery has a 350 mAh capacity and 3 variable voltage options. The preheat function helps provide the perfect hit every time and the fire button helps to conserve battery.
  • Vertex Auto Draw Battery - If you want to vape without having to worry about controls, these batteries have a draw activated firing mechanism. Just attach your cartridge and take a draw whenever you need one. The bottom of these batteries can also be used as a touch screen stylus.

So if you are in need of an oil cartridge battery for personal use or to stock in your vape shop, pay us a visit today. We test every product before adding it to our shop, so you can buy with the confidence that these are products members of our team would use themselves. When you place your order, there are no minimum order quantities so you can order a single battery or a hundred depending on your needs. If you have any questions about our batteries or any of our other products, you can reach a member of our team at 1-814-297-8240 or send us an email at info@kingdomvapor.com.

Vapor-Liquid Wholesale From Kingdom Vapor

You can take a deep dive into every tiny part and feature that can go into a vaporizer, but there are basically 3 components that you’ll need to vape. You need a battery, an atomizer, and some vapor-liquid. There is tons of variety in terms of hardware, but vape users often lose sight of just how important the liquids they use can be. You can have the most advanced vape setup on the planet but it won’t make low-quality juice taste any better. If you want to make sure your vape shop customers are only vaping the best of the best, you need to turn to Kingdom Vapor for your Vapor-Liquid Wholesale needs.



There are countless brands selling vapor liquids, which can make it a challenge to decide which vapor liquid wholesale products to order. Obviously, every customer is going to have their own preference in terms of flavor profile, so carrying a variety of options is always a good call. There are also a few factors that go into picking the perfect liquid beyond simply choosing the tastiest flavor. The nicotine type and diluents used will also affect how these vapor-liquids perform.


Currently, nicotine salt vaping is becoming more and more popular. These systems use the salt form of nicotine as opposed to the freebase nicotine found in many other liquids. Nicotine salt is found naturally in the tobacco leaf and is more readily absorbed by the body. This means that nic salt vapers can get the buzz they want from a smaller cloud, resulting in a more discreet vaping experience. Many nic salt systems are pod-based and flavored pre-filled pods are facing a nationwide ban. The combination of refillable pods and popular nic salt flavors are a must-have for any vape shop that wants to take advantage of this ban.


When it comes to freebase nicotine vapor-liquids, the biggest dividing factor will be composition. Conventional liquids are made using propylene glycol(PG) and vegetable glycerin(VG) in different ratios. The amount of each of these liquid diluents will affect the vapor created by the vape juice. PG will create a thin but flavorful vapor with more of a throat hit, while VG will produce thick and smooth vapor with less flavor retention. Finding the perfect balance between PG and VG-heavy brands in your vapor-liquid wholesale order will ensure that you can please a wide range of customers.


If you need to find the best vapor-liquid wholesale options for your shop, check out Kingdom Vapor today. With hundreds of flavors in stock, you can always find the perfect options for your shop and, thanks to Kingdom Vapor not requiring minimum order quantities, it’s simple to try out a selection of flavors before you commit to buying in bulk. If you have any questions about their e-liquids or any of their other quality products, you can reach the Kingdom Vapor team at 1-814-297-8240 or info@kingdomvapor.com.

Kingdom Vapor Has Wholesale RDAs

When it comes to atomizers, RDAs are still a popular style for vapors who enjoy controlling their vapor experience. The ability to swap coil designs and truly customize their atomizers will always appeal to vapers who enjoy the DIY side of the hobby. If you need some amazing Wholesale RDA options for your vape shop, we have plenty of atomizers to choose from here at Kingdom Vapor.



The RDA, or rebuildable drip atomizer, is a simple style of vaporizer atomizer. Despite their simplicity, the RDA is loved by many vapers because they offer limitless customization. These atomizers do not feature large tanks filled with liquids. Instead, they contain a simple coil deck and a small tank. In use, the desired quantity of e-liquid is dripped directly into the top of the RDA and then it is vaped off in a single session. Not only does this provide excellent flavor, but it also helps prevent pocket leaking and other undesirable issues.


The biggest draw for many rebuildable atomizer vapers is the ability to customize your coils, allowing vapers to gain unrivaled control over the quality of their vapor. Depending on the deck being used, coils can be set up in a multitude of styles. Many vapers enjoy using a double coil setup, but there are also single, triple, and quad coil options. If you offer coil building supplies in your shop, including a variety of RDA style will give your customers more options to play with on their vapes.


We know that running a vape shop can be difficult. Buying wholesale RDA parts can help you save money, but you can also end up with a box of atomizers that your customers are not interested in. In order to make life a little easier for our customers, we do not require minimum order quantities (MOQs) on any of our products. This makes it easier for your business to only order the products you need instead of getting shoehorned into buying products you don’t need.


In addition to not requiring MOQs, we also test every product we offer in our store. We would not want to offer any products we would not use ourselves, which is why a member of our team gets tasked with testing every new product before we decide to add it. Whether that’s testing a new RDA for leaks or making sure a new juice flavor has the taste it promises, we are here to make sure you are only offering your customers the best.


So if you are looking to order wholesale RDAs or any other vapor products for your shop, visit Kingdom Vapor today. Unlike a lot of wholesalers in the vape industry, we are here to work with our customers to ensure the best for your business. If you have any questions about the products we offer or our wholesale ordering process, feel free to reach out to a member of our team at 1-814-297-8240 or info@kingdomvapor.com.

Find JUUL Replacement Pods For Your Shop

The popularity of pod vapes has taken them from a novelty to a cornerstone of the industry in just a few years. Unlike traditional mod and atomizer setups, these vapes are designed to be extremely compact for easy and discreet use. They are most commonly used with nicotine salt e-liquids, which have slightly different properties compared to traditional e-liquids. The reigning champion in the pod system world is the JUUL. With its sleek appearance and extreme ease of use, the JUUL system has become a household name. At Kingdom Vapor, we offer several varieties of JUUL Compatible Replacement Pods so your shop will have plenty to offer JUUL users.


JUUL pods are designed to produce a much smaller cloud of vapor than the traditional rig. While these systems may not interest cloud chasers, they are a perfect choice for vapers who want a self-contained system that fits easily in the pocket. Because these systems use disposable pods, users do not have to worry about replacing coils or dealing with their own juice. Simply plug in your cartridge and the draw-activated vape takes care of the rest.



When it comes to pods, you can find JUUL brand pods at most gas stations and convenience stores. Despite their widespread availability, these pods are still expensive and many JUUL users are looking for alternatives. We offer several styles of JUUL compatible replacement pods to offer JUUL vapers in your area. You can find pod options that are already filled or pods that users can fill themselves.


For refillable pods, we also offer a variety of nicotine salt e-liquids. Unlike traditional e-liquids, these options contain the salt form of nicotine instead of the freebased version used in most e-liquids. Nicotine salts are found naturally in the tobacco leaf and they are more readily absorbed by the body. This means that users can get their nicotine faster and without the need for several large hits. The vapor formed by nicotine salt e-liquids is also going to be more gentle on the throat, creating a more pleasurable vaping experience for most users.


We also offer a variety of pod systems which are similar to the JUUL but allow vapers to have more control over their vapor. You can find pod vapes with variable power levels and many with a much larger battery capacity than what JUUL offers. Some pod systems, like a few of the models offered by SMOK, even feature replaceable coils in their pods, allowing the user to extend the lifespan of their pods significantly.


So if you are trying to increase your customer base to include JUUL users, our JUUL compatible replacement pods are the perfect option for your shop. We test every product before adding them to our shop so you know that you will receive quality products every time you order. If you have any questions about our products, feel free to reach out to a member of our team at 1-814-297-8240 or info@kingdomvapor.com.

Get The Wholesale E-Liquid Your Shop Needs

When it comes to vapor products, you can build the perfect atomizer and fit it onto the highest quality mod, but all of the bells and whistles in the world can’t make a crappy juice taste amazing. The best way to enjoy your vaporizer experience is to use quality e-liquids in your rig. Here at Kingdom Vapor, we offer amazing deals on the best Wholesale E-Liquids on the market.



The e-liquid market can be shockingly volatile. Countless companies are all vying for their slice of the market. This means that companies are going to be outcompeted and fall off the map, while new companies are popping up to take their place. This competitive market place means that the flavors your customers love might not be available next week and your shop will have to find new options. We are constantly researching the industry’s manufacturers and flavor houses to make sure we always have the latest and greatest flavors for your shop.


Luckily for your shop, we offer a huge variety of wholesale e-liquids. We offer both nic salt e-liquids and traditional juice options. With dozens of flavors in stock, you can always find an option that will be a perfect fit for your customers. Some of our current bestselling e-liquids include Keep it 100, Ziip pods replacement pods, and King of the Cloud. All of these options are sure to be bestsellers, and we know you’ll find more delicious options for your shop.


Here at Kingdom Vapor, we want to ensure that we are only offering our customers the best e-liquid options. Whenever we decide to carry a new product on our site, whether it is an e-liquid or a piece of vape tech, we have a member of our team test it. We don’t want to offer any e-liquids that don’t taste delicious, so we make sure that every flavor is something we would actually like to use.


To make the ordering process simple, we have done away with minimum order quantities. We know that these sorts of restrictions can lead to businesses being stuck with limited variety. Instead of being restricted by ordering cases of juice, we make it easy to only buy as much whole e-liquid as you need. This also makes it much easier to sample products before you decide to commit to offering them on a regular basis.


So if your shop is interested in finding some new wholesale e-liquid options for your customers, it’s time to check out our inventory. We have amazing flavors in a variety of sizes and concentrations. We are also excited to offer CBD e-liquids for customers who are interested in trying some relaxing hemp-based products. No matter what products you need, Kingdom Vapor is here for your shop. If you have any questions about our inventory, feel free to reach out to a member of our team at 1-814-297-8240 or info@kingdomvapor.com.

Turn To Kingdom Vapor For Your Vapor Juice Wholesale Needs

Here at Kingdom Vapor, we are constantly tracking trends in the vape world so we can offer our wholesale customers the best products for their shops. When it comes to the vape industry, the products and companies in the limelight are constantly changing. This is probably the most prevalent when you look at the vapor juice industry specifically. With companies coming and going and flavors changing, it can be a challenge to stay on top of which juice options you should carry in your shop. We are constantly researching the best flavors and companies so we can offer your shop the best possible Vapor Juice Wholesale options.



So why are vapor juice companies so volatile? Well, the whole vapor juice industry involves hundreds of companies all trying to out-compete each other. This results in businesses constantly getting drowned out by the competition and new businesses popping up to try to get a piece of the pie. This also means that the companies on top might have to cut costs to stay ahead, leading to a change in processes and sometimes completely different flavor profiles.


When it comes to offering our customers the best wholesale juice options, we are constantly researching juice companies new and old to see what the latest trends are and to make sure the tried and true brands are still the same quality.


Whenever we receive a new product, including our vapor juice wholesale options, we put them through a series of tests. If juice doesn’t pass our taste test, we will not offer it to our customers. We want to make sure that every product you offer in your shop is something that we as vape users would actually want to use. We also do not require any minimum order quantities, so you can order several juice varieties without having to commit to buying each in bulk right off the bat.


In addition to our vapor juice wholesale options, we also carry a wide range of vapor products for your store. We have all of the latest vape tech including mods, rebuildable atomizers, and parts for custom vape builds. We also offer a range of alternative pod systems, starter kits, and vape accessories.


For shops looking to diversify their inventories, we are also excited to offer a range of CBD and smoke shop products. From hemp oil tinctures to rolling papers to glass pipes, offering these products in your shop is a great way to bring in some additional business and offer your current customers so additional options.


So if your shop is looking for the best vapor juice wholesale options, turn to Kingdom Vapor. We only offer our customers the best juice, vape supplies, and additional products for their stores. If you have any questions about our vape juice options or any of our other products, feel free to reach out to a member of our team at 1-814-297-8240 or info@kingdomvapor.com.

Get Your Smok Wholesale Products

If you run a vape shop, you know how important having entry-level products can be. Sometimes new vape users will not know what type of setup they would like to use and they are not willing to invest in the highest quality products. Offering entry-level options is a great way to get new vape users started while enjoying a healthy profit margin. Smok Wholesale products are a great option for shops looking to offer entry-level options.



Smok is a brand of Chinese made vape products. These products are perfect for new vape users to experiment with different setups. Since 2010, Smok has been offering vape users great deals on gear and they have quickly risen to become one of the most recognizable brands in the industry. By combining quality designs and the magic of large scale manufacturing, Smok is able to offer quality products at a great price point. With hundreds of thousands of vape users already enjoying Smok products, offering them in your store is a no-brainer.


Ordering Smok wholesale products for your store is the perfect way to have products available for new users. These products are a great fit for users who would like to experiment with a new atomizer setup or tank without investing in top of the line gear. Smok products will last and provide what your customers need while leaving some room for improvement.


The other benefit of offering these products in your shop is that they open up a door to secondary purchases. Smok products can last for some time, but they are often stepping stones between purchases. If your customer enjoys their new Smok product enough, it is likely they will be looking to upgrade in no time. Vape users are all about customizing their rigs to create the perfect setup, and that means coming back to your shop to find what they need.


No matter which Smok products you would like to offer in your shop, you can rest assured knowing that when you make a purchase from Kingdom Vapor Wholesale, we have tested every product we offer. This means that every product we offer, from our mods to our juice flavors, has been tested and approved by members of our team. We also do not require our customers to adhere to minimum order quantities like most vape wholesalers. This makes it easier for our customers to get the products they need without tying up all of their capital in excess inventory.


So if you are looking for some new products to fill out your shop, visit us at Kingdom Vapor today. We have a wide variety of Smok wholesale products for sale as well as hundreds of other vape products. We also offer CBD and smoke shop products to help your business expand its customer base. If you have questions about any items in our inventory, feel free to contact a member of our team at 1-814-297-8240 or info@kingdomvapor.com.

Kingdom Vapor Provides All Your Vape Wholesale Needs

When it comes to running a vape business, your relationship with your wholesaler can make a huge difference. Too many wholesale distributors are not willing to work with their customers, they just want to make as much money as possible. Here at Kingdom Vapor, we are trying to be a new kind of Vape Wholesale supplier. We are here to help businesses flourish while keeping their shops stocked with all of the latest and greatest products.



At Kingdom Vapor, we know what it’s like to run a vape shop. We started out as an independent vape shop in our hometown of Clarion, PA. While running our shop we kept looking for a better wholesaler, but we could never find a domestic supplier who was willing to meet our needs. Finally, after realizing the business we were looking for did not exist, we decided to become that business by creating Kingdom Vapor Wholesale. Now we are proud to offer amazing deals to vape shops across the country.


One of the biggest perks we offer our customers is the lack of minimum order quantities. We know that sometimes you don’t need an entire case of a product, especially if you want to test new products or keep a diverse inventory. Our sales team can help you find a range of products that will be a great fit for your shop and you can choose your quantities so you’re not breaking the bank just so you can keep your shop up to date with the latest vapor products and vape juice varieties; in other words, if you only need a quantity of 1 on any item, we’ll ship it for you.


We are also happy to offer CBD products to our customers. The CBD industry has exploded recently and now your shop can get a slice of the pie without seeking out a new supplier. We carry CBD vape cartridges as well as edible gummies and tinctures. For help with relaxing sore spots, we even sell CBD infused topical balms. These products have become popular across a huge user base, and offering them can help bring new clients into your store.


With the future of vaping currently under threat, many shop owners are looking to diversify their inventories in order to appeal to a wider customer base. In addition to our CBD and vape wholesale products, we also carry a selection of smoking products for shops to carry. Items like rolling papers, herb grinders, cigar splitters, and carb caps are all ways for your shop to offer a little something extra without becoming a full smoke shop. These products can help you appeal to a wider base and conduct extra business with your existing customers.


Whatever your store needs, Kingdom Vapor is here to help you succeed by offering the best vape wholesale products on the market. We want our customers to see us as partners willing to work with your business in order to help you widen your customer base and increase your sales. If you have any questions about our products, feel free to reach out to a member of our team via phone 1-814-297-8240 or email info@KingdomVapor.com.

CBD Cartridges, Oil Cartridge Batteries, And More

The vape business is constantly changing and one of the most radical changes in recent years has been the introduction of CBD products. Since hemp and CBD products started showing up on shelves, more and more customers have started to appease their curiosity about these products. Adding CBD cartridges and oil cartridge batteries to your shop is a great way to draw in interested customers. At Kingdom Vapor Wholesale, we have dozens of high-quality CBD products for you to offer your vape shop customers



While we have all heard about CBD, not everyone is familiar with what CBD actually is. Most of the confusion regarding CBD comes from its association with THC. While both of these chemicals can be found in the cannabis plant, the CBD found on store shelves is derived from hemp plants only. According to the regulations covered in the 2018 Farm Bill, a plant is legally considered hemp if it produces less than 0.3% THC. These low THC plants create the non-psychoactive CBD that users across the country have come to love over the last few years


These chemicals affect the same region of the brain, but THC is psychoactive while CBD is not. Instead, CBD tends to produce a calming effect on users. For some users, this calming feeling can help combat anxiety and pain/soreness. While these claims have yet to be substantiated by research, it is definitely a selling point for some individuals.


One of the most common methods for ingesting CBD is through pre-filled vape cartridges. By pairing these cartridges with a 510 oil cartridge battery, the CBD oil can be easily inhaled. When taken in this way, the effects of the CBD can be felt almost instantly. This makes vaporized CBD a great option for users looking for instant relief. Within a minute of exhaling, the calming sensations of the CBD can be felt, making this a perfect way to determine how much CBD you would like to ingest.


We also carry edible and topical CBD products. Edible CBD can take a bit longer to kick in when compared to vapable products. Despite this delay to experience results, the effects of CBD will last much longer when ingested in this fashion. We carry two of the most popular forms of edible CBD, infused gummies and liquid tinctures.


We also offer several varieties of topical CBD preparations. These infused lotions can be applied to the skin. The body can absorb CBD this way, though it's unclear as to whether the full effects can be felt from just a small quantity. Instead, these lotions are produced to take advantage of CBD’s supposed anti-inflammatory and pain-reducing properties.


No matter which CBD products you would like to carry in your shop, we have amazing options here at Kingdom Vapor. To ensure quality, a member of our team tests every new product we receive. Every cartridge and gummy we offer has gotten the green light from someone here on the team, so you can rest assured that your customers will love them too.
If you want to offer these products in your shop, reach out to our team at Kingdom Vapor today. We do not require minimum order quantities, so you can sample a wide variety of products in your shop before deciding which you would like to offer consistently. If you have any questions about our CBD products, oil cartridge batteries, or vape products, feel free to reach out to our team at 1-814-297-8240 or info@kingdomvapor.com.

We Have The Wholesale Vapor Products You Need

Running a vape shop involves managing a lot of different inventory items. Between the numerous styles of vapes and components, it can be hard to keep everything your customers need in stock when you are dealing with wholesalers who only sell bulk quantities. At Kingdom Vapor, we don’t believe in MOQ (minimum order quantities) on our wholesale vapor products, making it easy to get the products you need. You shouldn’t need to order a pallet of mods just to get your customers what they need and when you deal with us, you won’t have to.
Our goal is to be a different kind of vape wholesaler. We aren’t here just to make money, we want our client’s businesses to flourish. We know what it's like to run a vape shop; in fact, we run a retail location as well as a wholesale business. We are here to take our knowledge from running a shop and buying wholesale and make that experience a resource for your business.
Our sales team knows this industry inside and out and we are more than happy to help you find the perfect items for your shop. If you let us know what products have done well for you in the past or what your customers are currently interested in, we can help you create a list of new products to try. Every market is different and we know that what works for one of our clients won’t always be a sure thing for your shop.
Because we don’t force our clients to deal with minimum orders, it is easy to test which of our vapor products will sell best in your market. By seeing what sells and what does not, you can find out which vape components and vape juice varieties your customers want without committing to a huge investment. Once you have found a handful of products that work you can order them in bulk with confidence.
Speaking of ordering with confidence, our team personally tests every product we offer. Whenever a new product shows up on the market, we order it and a member of our team will make sure it is worth selling. Between taste tests for new juice flavors and stress testing new mods, you won’t find any wholesale vape products on our site that we would not use ourselves. When you order from Kingdom Vapor, you can rest assured that you are buying the latest and greatest products only.
The vape industry is constantly evolving and our inventory follows that change. We carry everything from traditional mods, including a few old school mechanical options, to newer pod vape options. We are also constantly on the hunt for new delicious vape juice flavors that are sure to excite your customers. If your customers are looking for a hot new product, you can bet that we either offer it already or we have some on the way.
So next time your shop needs wholesale vapor products, let our team help you find the best deals on the supplies you need. Whether you need the newest vape mods and components or the latest high-quality vape juice flavors, we have plenty of options for your shop. Your store deserves a wholesaler who will treat you as a partner and not just a faceless company that will send you products. Give our sales team a call today and let us help you find the products that will help your business grow. You can reach us at 1-814-297-8240 or info@kingdomvapor.com.

Quality Wholesale from Kingdom Vapor

With the vapor industry constantly evolving, it’s important to have a wholesaler who stays up to date with these trends. At Kingdom Vapor, we are your one-stop wholesale vaping supply store. We started Kingdom Vapor in 2012 because we wanted to take our passion and knowledge about vaping and use it to provide shops with the best products. Our goal is to work with your shop to provide the vape supplies your customers need.
We don’t require minimum order quantities. Rather than force you to buy massive amounts of any one product, we want to work with your business. Contact our sales representatives and we will help you find the perfect products for your shop, and at quantities that will allow you to test the market. Once you know what your customers want, our knowledgeable staff can recommend more products to fit the trends in your market.
Whenever a new product becomes available, we always test it before offering it to the stores we work with. Knowing that we’re only selling products we would feel comfortable buying not only helps us sleep at night, but it means you know you’re only getting the best for your clientele. If a product fails to pass our battery of tests, you won’t find it on our site. We are here to provide you with only the newest and best wholesale vaping supplies for your customers.
Every year, we see the technology available to vapor users changing. We can still remember when mods were largely mechanical. Now between temperature control, battery protection, and digital voltage control; these regulated products are constantly evolving. Making sure these new products are high quality shouldn’t be a guessing game for store owners. Our sales representatives know the ins and outs of these technologies and will help you find the best products to carry.
When it comes to mod users, customers love variety. Everyone has their own opinion of the best tank and coil set up. We offer you products to fit any customer’s needs. From sub-ohm systems to a wide range of RDA and RDTA options, providing your customers with a diverse lineup of atomizer options that will keep them coming back to try a new setup.
In addition to the latest and best vape components, we also offer an extensive collection of e-liquids. There’s nothing worse than weak or flavorless e-liquid, and low-quality e-liquid is no reason to lose customers. To ensure your customers’ satisfaction, we stock quality brands like Beard, Twist, Vape 100, BMFand many more. We are constantly updating our e-liquid stock so you can always find the newest and best flavors for your business.
We also stock a wide variety of nicotine salt products. From full vape systems to salt e-liquids and replacement pods, we have the products for those customers who prefer that strong and smooth rush of nicotine from salt nic vapes.
From eliquids to mods to atomizers, we offer all of our products at competitive wholesale pricing. Our goal is to be your go-to provider for wholesale vaping supplies. Don't deal with wholesalers who don’t care about their products. Join the Kingdom Vapor family and let us help your business succeed.

Have Kingdom Vapor Outfit Your Business with All of Its Supplies

When you’re responsible for the success of a vape shop, you need not only to secure its successes in mundane arenas such as proper record keeping and budgeting. You need also to be a subject matter expert in technology and devices, in flavors and methods of liquid delivery, in customer preference of aesthetics, and in the ways that customers change their experience through different builds and accessorizations. Of the many e cigarette wholesale distributors, there is one that stands above the competition. For nearly a decade, Kingdom Vapor has kept its customers in the supply chain well stocked and well apprised, leaning on its experience and expertise to hold that throne. Kingdom Vapor is not only a vast resource for the material needs of your vape business, but it is also a fountain of knowledge regarding the field, keeping its customers well informed of customer preferences, changes in technology, and new additions to the market. With an armament such as this, it is no wonder that the supply chain partners of Kingdom Vapor flourish.
When it comes to supplies, Kingdom Vapor has no equal. From simple e cigarettes to complex mods, with nicotine salts to e liquids to tanks and atomizers and everything in between, Kingdom Vapor is ready with the devices, liquids, and accessories that your customers use in the pursuit of clouds. In their stock of devices, Kingdom Vapor is well arrayed by the best from Geekvape, Vapor Storm, Smok, Aspire, Sikary and more. Their selection makes the rest pale, and fails to provide a superior. In e liquid, Kingdom Vapor has a line of traditional e liquids, nicotine salts, pod systems and pods and more. Kingdom Vapor sells popular juice lines such as King Of The Cloud, Keep It 100 and The One, but adds new flavors such as The Salty One and Apple Twist with dazzling regularity. Kingdom Vapor also offers its own line of e liquids in customer approved flavors, found nowhere else. To top it all off, Kingdom Vapor offers atomizers both rebuildable and sub ohm and with tanks to match them. They offer batteries of all configurations, and replacement coils, as well as chargers, drip tips and rebuildable components. As far as e cigarette wholesale distributors go, Kingdom Vapor sits squarely at the top of the pack.
Kingdom Vapor also serves as a consultative resource for its customers, bringing them a wealth of information regarding customer buzz, new technology, and market trends and developments. When you have concerns regarding the addition of new devices to the market, or new flavors or brands of liquids, Kingdom Vapor should be your first mark of consult. There you will find a sales force at the ready to help you navigate the waters of the business. In Kingdom Vapor you will find an asset and an ally in the field, ready with the stock and the savvy you’ll need in business. So before you fill another order head to www.kingdomvapor.com and make the change you’ll be glad you did.

Looking for Wholesale Electronic Cigarettes? The Answer is Kingdom Vapor

Have you had enough of run of the mill vape wholesale suppliers that shift their stock unpredictably, carry unpopular brands and products, are priced poorly or know nothing about their customers or about the market in general? If you’ve had enough of fly by night operations that come and go with the tides of sales, it’s high time for you to put your trust and the well being of your vape shop in the hands of a wholesaler that not only sells the devices and accessories that customers are buzzing about, but knows the game, has built on its experience, and puts its customers first. That wholesaler is Kingdom Vapor, and for wholesale electronic cigarettes, there’s no equal.
On top of its other gleaming accolades, Kingdom Vapor carries what your shop needs to operate and keep your customers coming back. Devices, e liquids, and accessories from major, minor and in house brands to suit every need are in stock at Kingdom Vapor. In devices, Kingdom Vapor has everything from simple e cigs to the most cutting edge technology the market offers. Kingdom Vapor offers starter kits for those interested in diving into vaping such as the Aspire Breeze and AVP Pod System, and the Vapor Storm Puma Baby. Kingdom Vapor also carries advanced kits like the Ijoy Shogun Univ 180 watt kit and the Geekvape Aegis Legend 200 watt kit. Many of these devices offer protections such as overcharging and short circuiting as well as upgradable firmware to extend the usability and life of the device. In regulated mods Kingdom Vapor carries devices from Wismec, Vapor Storm, Limitless, Vo Tech and more that offer the vaper the reigns of the experience, allowing them full suites of controls of power and temperature as well as a variety of tank capacities to extend the time between fills. Kingdom Vapor also offers pod systems such as the Smok Nord Pod System and the Aspire Cobble Pod System, ideal for vapers who like to use nicotine salts, make use of the greater power of some pod systems, and the convenience of the devices.
Kingdom Vapor also carries popular e liquids that vapers run on. Not only does Kingdom Vapor offer the most popular e liquids on the market, they are no stranger to new additions, broadening the ranks of their supplies constantly. Also at Kingdom Vapor you’ll find accessories like batteries, tanks, coils, atomizers and drip tips for those customers who take the customization of their experience to the next level. Kingdom Vapor has the accessories your customers need to do their builds and customizations - across the board, for wholesale electronic cigarettes and other wholesale vape supplies, Kingdom Vapor reigns supreme.
The other half of the story is the fact that Kingdom Vapor has cornered the market on customer service. Kingdom Vapor’s customers know that if they have a question on a product, a popular vaping trend or the development of new technology, Kingdom Vapor is the first and ultimate source. That’s why so many vape shop owners have relied on Kingdom Vapor for nearly the past decade. You can too, so check out www.kingdomvapor.com today.

Kingdom Vapor - Customers’ Number One Choice for Wholesale Vape Supplies

If you run a vape shop, you juggle many responsibilities and doubtless wear many hats. That wide variety of responsibility is no doubt one of the main reasons why it’s so important to take your business to a wholesaler that not only carries the products your shop thrives on but has your back. Kingdom Vapor is that wholesaler and for good reason. Not only do they carry an amazing selection of devices, e liquids and accessories, but they serve as a consultative resource and an advocate for their customers. For almost ten years Kingdom Vapor has faithfully served its customers with not only products but information like the popularity of new products and trends among vapers. When you need a new source for wholesale vape supplies that not only delivers the goods but is an investment in information and customer service, the clear winner is Kingdom Vapor.



No one around carries an inventory as expansive or impressive as Kingdom Vapor. Spanning devices, e liquids, and all the types of accessories you or your customers could possibly need, Kingdom Vapor is truly a one stop shop for those looking to find one solution to sourcing their wholesale vape supplies. In devices Kingdom Vapor is rich in all styles and technology from the most basic to the most complex and everything in between. They offer pod systems for those who like to vape thinner liquids or salt nicotine e-liquid and enjoy the convenience of the use of pods. They offer starter kits like the Smok Stick Prince Kit and the Aspire Breeze Starter Kit, perfect solutions for those interested in vaping and with protections such as short circuit and automatic cutoff that are found on more advanced regulated mods. Kingdom Vapor is also an excellent source of regulated mods from top selling brands such as Vapor Storm, Wismec and Vo Tech. Popular models include the Vapor Storm Puma 200, which runs up to 200 watts and offer full temperature control. It is also innovative in its design, incorporating ABS construction for maximum durability and minimum weight. The Vaporesso Target Mini Mod is another top seller, and though small, brings up to 40 watts of power to the table. Also impressive is its ability to accommodate builds running resistance as low as 0.1O. From simple e cigs to regulated mods that offer the vapor expanded freedom with their builds, Kingdom Vapor has an incomparable supply.


Kingdom Vapor also carries popular e liquids, nicotine salts, and pods, while at the same time constantly introducing new flavors and blends. At Kingdom Vapor you’ll also find all the accessories your customers need to complete their builds. From tanks to coils, atomizers to batteries, drip tips and more, Kingdom Vapor has what you need to run a successful vape shop. Kingdom Vapor’s sales team is an expert resource to its customers, offering valuable insight into regulations, popular builds, new products and more. With Kingdom Vapor you get not just the product but inside knowledge, something one in any industry could use. So delay no more - head to www.kingdomvapor.com today.